This year in 2018, HCBC will have three mission awareness week with missionaries as guest speakers to share their experience; to expand and sharpen the mission focus of our church, as well as to provide special opportunities to praise and thank God for what he is doing to advance His kingdom. It will be a great time of interaction with missionaries and learning more about foreign missions.

Combined Worship for English and Chinese Congregation.

So mark your calendar and we hope to see you in Hope Community Baptist Church!

Dates Mission Weeks
March 3 2019 1st Mission Sunday
Speaker : Dr. Chau Thiem Seng
Topic : How to involve directly in Mission
July 7 2019 2nd Mission Sunday
Speaker : Rev Chan Theam Lai
Topic : United We are Strong
October 2019 Focus : Mission Month
November 3 2019 3rd Mission Sunday
Speaker : Rodney Duncan
Topic : God of this City