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HCBC Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain

Prayer Items We pray for God’s protection against the Corona virus and His mercy on those who have fallen victim to it. Let us be reminded what we seem to have forgotten and what Covid-19 Virus is teaching us. It reminds us that we are all equal before God, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation or how famous...



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在来临的六个星期,盼望社区浸信教会将暂停“实体”主日崇拜聚会,并改为网上聚会。我们邀请您在以下六个星期于早上九点三十分到网上参与我们的网上视频播出: 3月22日 赞美和崇拜: 愛是不保留 讲道: 什么是真正的生命? 3月29日 赞美和崇拜: “我们呼求”, 讲道: “一个家的根基” 4月5日 赞美和崇拜: “醫治的愛”, 讲道: “问候和祈祷” 4月10日 – 耶稣受难日 赞美和崇拜: “奇異的愛”, 讲道: “十架的大能” 4月12日 – 复活节 赞美和崇拜: “耶穌基督”, 讲道: “祂不在这里,因为祂复活了!” 4月19日 4月26日 5月3日 5月10日 在特定的时间,请到盼望社区浸信教会的脸书专页上点击所上载的视频,和我们一起敬拜上帝及聆听证道。


HCBC Announcements 盼望社区浸信教会报告事项


26 April 2020 HCBC ONLINE BROADCAST 盼望社区浸信教会网上脸书视频播出 HCBC online broadcast for worship and sermon will be on at 9.30 am via FB every Sunday during this MCO period. The link will be send to members through social media. Feel free to submit your prayer request to our FB account. 在行動管制令期间,盼望社区浸信教会的崇拜和讲道将在每星期日上午9.30通过面书播出。该链接将通过社交媒体发送给会友。歡迎将您的代禱事项提交到我们的面書帐户。 CHARITY COLLECTION 慈善奉獻 There are families who are adversely affected...


HCBC Online Video Broadcast

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n place of meeting physically in church for Sunday service, we welcome everyone to join us for our HCBC Online Video Broadcast via Facebook on the following Sundays at 9:30 am: 22 March 2020 Praise & Worship: 10,000 Reasons Sermon: Areopagus Philosophers VS. A Seed Picker 29 March 2020 Praise & Worship: “He will carry you”, Sermon: “Putting God’s Truth...


The Secret To Spiritual Victory – Joshua 8:1-3


by Bro Julius Wee 15 March 2020


Neck Deep In Greece – Acts 17:1-5


By Rev Bobby Lam 08 March 2020 Ser 38 Neck Deep In Greece 08 03 20


The Priority of this Life – Philippians 3:12-14


By Pastor Glenn Miyazono interpreted by Rev Bobby Lam 01 March 2020